CONTI® Round-bale Compressor Belts for Hay and Straw Bale Compressors

Heavy-duty Rubber-textile Belt designed for Application Requirements

CONTI® round bale compressor belts are used in harvesters for the pressing of round straw and hay bales with uniform compression. Leading manufacturers of hay, silage and straw bale compressors rely on the ultra-high-strength rubber-textile belts.

Fields are not only becoming smaller in size, they are also being planted with a greater range of crops. Farmers therefore prefer round bale compressor belts ever more often, as these can be produced in various sizes. The rubber-textile belts of the ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group comprise 1 to 3 special fabric plies with especially high tear strength, as required. They have a weather-proof rubber cover on both sides and cut edges. They are optionally available equipped with mechanical hook connectors of various connecting systems.


  • High tear strength
  • Weather resistant
  • Equipped with various connecting systems



  • Hay, silage and straw bale compressors in agricultural harvesters

Belts for the Agricultural Implement Industry