Tube Conveyor Belts

The Fully Closed Belt

The newly developed tube conveyor belt presents all the advantages of conventional belt conveyors while also providing further benefits that make for a technically and economically optimum conveyor system. The tube conveyor belt consists of tried-and-tested elements, ensuring that the high reliability of previous belt conveyors can be achieved.



  • Compact design
  • Conveyor belt is formed into a tube conveyor belt
  • Protection of environment and material
  • Inclined conveying up to 30° (depending on the material being conveyed)
  • Flexible system configuration with tight horizontal curves and tight vertical radii
  • Belt transfer and covering construction are not necessary
  • Protection of the environment when hazardous, contaminated, dusty or strong-smelling materials are transported
  • Protection of material from rain, snow and wind
  • Protection of material from volatilization and falsification due to extraction or addition of parts of the material
  • Minimal space requirements thanks to compact design
  • Conveyor can negotiate tight curves requiring little space, so it can be adapted well to the terrain
  • Transfer stations not required
  • Steep inclines without profiles on the conveyor belt
  • Tube conveyor belt exhibits high strength, enabling large center distances without intermediate transfer stations
  • Short take-ups for the conveyor belt
  • Special arrangement of the tension member in the belt ensures stable belt operation and good sealing of the overlap zone
  • Since the system is closed, no housing is usually required



  • Cement industry
  • Power stations
  • Waste processing
  • Chemical industry


Product Range:

  • Available in the most diverse types and sizes through to widths of 2100 mm
  • For the conveyance of goods containing oil and grease
  • For conveyor belt stressing in the -45 to +200° C temperature load range


Tube Conveyor Belts   The fully closed belt