Reliable Conveyance at Inclines of up to 90°

MAXOFLEX® corrugated sidewall belts for transport of bulk goods offer high-quality long-term high-incline conveyance solutions.



  • Corrugated sidewall belts for transport of bulk goods
  • Saves space, since conveyance at inclines of up to 90° is possible
  • Material conveyed is protected
  • Extremely high stability is provided in the traverse direction, good longitudinal flexibility
  • Different feed and discharge directions are possible by rotating the vertical runs



  • Construction industry
  • Potash and salt mining
  • Stones and earth
  • Fertilizer
  • Chemical industry
  • Recycling industry
  • Rural co-ops and traders in agricultural commodities
  • Agriculture


Product Range:

  • A wide selection of individually combinable corrugated sidewalls and cleats.
  • Corrugated sidewalls and cleats available in standard or oil-resistant quality
  • The ideal conveyor belt can be configured for each application.